The following links give you a general idea of daily events and field trip/activities.

Summer Camp Schedule 2019

June Activity 2019

July Activity 2019

August Activity 2019

This page is currently under construction. The links below are live for 1 Child sign up. We recommend you secure your spot now while available. Soon we will have links for multiple children registration. Our daily options are not available yet. We are setting up field trip and activity days. Once secured they will be available.

Camp Tuition and Fees Options:

______ Registration Fee  – Based on selection. Paid upon completion of Enrollment Agreement. Completed at the dojo with Shannon (General Manager / Kohai)

______ Daily Tuition        $40 per day or $75 for field trip/activity days

  _____ Weekly                  $150  

_____   Monthly:

____June 3rd-28th – $540 paid in full     ____July 1st-31st – $608 paid in full

____August 1st-9th – $203 paid in full

Full Summer (10 weeks) – $1,350 one-time payment or three payments of $500 ($1500)

10% discount for multiple kids

Click on choice below for Summer Camp 2019 options:

1 Child options:

1 Day (non field trip/special event days)                1 Day (field trip/special event days)

1 Full Week    June (Jun 3 – Jun 18)    July (Jul 1 – Jul 31)    Aug (Aug 1 – Aug 9)

Full Summer (Paid in Full)                                      Full Summer (3 Payments)