Q: What arts do you teach?

A: 1. Shotokan Karate 2. Krav Maga 3. Filipino Martial Arts 4. Kajukenbo (MMA)

Q: I’m not sure what art would be best for me. Can you counsel me based on my needs or may I try one class of each?

A: Yes, we meet you at your needs via counseling prior to signing up. You can also try a free class of each to get a better idea.

Q: I use my hands for my work (i.e. doctor, receptionist, artist). Will I get hurt or damage them?

A: No. Although we all train together, the arts are also an individual endeavor. You decide on the level or degree of training intensity.

Q: Do I have the option of not committing for a long period of time? I don’t know what my expectations are.

A: Yes. You can choose from various programs from monthly to yearly. We have a program to fit you.

Q: My kid has AHDD. Is that an issue for enrollment?

A: No, on the contrary. Martial arts is all about personal growth and life enrichment. We train children with all sorts of challenges (from Autism to Down Syndrome). We work with the parents and set goals.