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Karate For Adults 

Our Karate Kids

They start as early as 4 1/2 years old. Our kids learn:

  • Coping skills (through challenges and achievements)
  • The culture and art of Japanese Karate (language, customs, and physical tactics)
  • Self protections skills against predators (taught by prior law enforcement officer, Sensei Cayer)
  • Good health (through fun exercise with a purpose)
  • Discipline (taught right from wrong with consequences as well as building a desire to do right)
  • Unity (building up others through servitude)
  • Goals (we provide a methodical approach for goals)
  • Focus (we drill and target an objective to teach and enhance focus)


Our kids classes work much like our military does by using a team mentality to help each individual grow. Growth is our gauge for success. We are family at ECMA. 

We also have specific home school karate classes during the day!

Come join our family!